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Mr Sim is the type of teacher that you would really enjoy and learn a lot from if you like very personal teachers, like I do. He quips about fun stuff like Star Wars, and it was a very interesting experience. Not to mention I felt a lot better about the SAT than I did a month before!
- Ivan, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, October 2013

I find your teaching enjoyable and easily digestible. Something that comes more from experience than practices, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for being the first person to teach grammar effectively.
- Warren, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, May 2013

The class has been really helpful especially with the Critical Reading section and Writing section, highlighting the key points to look out for. On top of that, lessons were interesting and there was never a dull moment during class.
- Jonathan, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, May 2013

The course is very useful! It really makes me focus on what the SAT is testing, what College Board is looking for, so that my revision is more focused. The instructor is very confident of his work. He makes lame jokes sometimes though but that does not really matter. Makes lessons less boring.
- Zoe, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, May 2013

The SAT Masterclass was highly informative. It helped me to look for how the SAT sets questions, which makes it easier to solve them. The instructors did a good job in clarifying our questions.
- Vinodh, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, November 2014