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Advanced SAT Prep Curriculum

Unlimited Personalization

For a Triple Digit SAT Score Improvement

As Singapore’s only SAT preparation program that provides students with unlimited tutoring time with the course instructors, SAT Unlimited provides students with a fully personalized study plan under the close guidance of dedicated specialist teachers. With rigorous performance tracking and reviews, this course is most suitable for students who seek to master every aspect of the SAT for a perfect score.

Work 1-to-1 with top SAT specialist teachers in Singapore
A personal SAT study plan crafted just for you.
Unlimited personal consultations with your instructors
Access to all IvyPrep Masterclass lessons
Practice-and-Review sessions for official SAT exam papers
Detailed progress report to measure exam readiness



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Course Features

Unlimited Face Time


We are dedicated to the beginning to end approach – that’s why we are providing you with a unique unlimited face time model, never seen or heard in other agencies. With SAT Unlimited, you can gain access to unlimited personal consultations with IvyPrep’s SAT specialist teachers to discuss strategies, clarify concepts and review your strategies. This unlimited access will ensure that you gain mastery to tackle even the most advanced SAT question types and to solve real SAT questions of the highest difficulty levels.


With innumerable hours of dedicated preparation, SAT Unlimited guarantees you perfect confidence and impeccable performance in the SAT exam hall.

Highly-Personalized Approach


From the teaching of the course, to the dispensing of our advice, everything is customized to augment your strengths and improve your weaknesses. With SAT Unlimited, your specialist teachers will diagnose your current strengths and weaknesses using data drawn from your practice sets and SAT diagnostic exams to create a customized study strategy just for you. This allows your tutors to meticulously design every tutoring session to engineer the greatest possible improvement on your SAT score by prioritizing the teaching of key exam concepts and question types that you find most challenging .


With such high-levels of personalization, it’s no wonder that IvyPrep has an excellent track record in effecting triple-digit score improvements in the shortest possible time frame.

Revision with Genuine SAT Practice Papers


IvyPrep firmly believes in using the official SAT Practice Papers by CollegeBoard to prepare for the exam. SAT questions by external sources are often of a different structure and thus would not give you the most effective exam preparation. Through our rigorous revision sessions, we not only solidify your understanding of concepts, but also ensure that you are exposed to the entire spectrum of question types that would appear on the SAT.


With preparation so similar to the actual test, SAT Unlimited enables ambitious students to attain exceptional SAT scores of 1500 and above, scores which are needed to gain admission into the Ivy League universities and other top-tier international universities.

Hear what our students have to say


“New Knowledge That I Could Not Have Otherwise Acquired”

I gained new knowledge about the SAT that I could not have acquired if I had just self-studied. The tips and tricks certainly gave me a boost on the exam day itself. The classes were packed with information that only experienced test-takers could share. The pedagogy was thorough and accessible, and the instructor was very insightful and entertaining at the same time. The three hours in each class was time well spent.

-M. Garda, Top 1% SAT Scorer
Raffles Institution
Attending Middlebury College

“Tackles SAT from a student’s perspective”

My instructor has a very specific and targeted approach to the SAT. He is very thorough and understands the true challenges of the SAT exam, and helps me to tackle the SAT from a student’s perspective. He taught me to closely examine the nature of the exam questions, and to develop a generic set of problem-solving techniques that can be used for all question types that we encounter on the exam. He also gives multiple sources of revision and has a flexible approach to learning.”

– Hein H., Top 1% SAT Scorer
United World College (Dover)
Attending Columbia University

My SAT Prep Experience Is Remarkably Enjoyable.

Your lessons put me in excellent stead to take the SAT. Because of your course, I even found my SAT preparation experience remarkably enjoyable—haha.

– K.L. Cheang, Top 1% SAT Scorer

Enjoyed the hands-on experience.

I learnt much more than when I revised on my own. I enjoyed the hands-on class exercises and learnt very good tips. The concepts were presented clearly, and there were adequate breaks provided throughout the lessons!

– Y.L Chiang, Top 1% SAT Scorer
Hwa Chong Institution
Attending University of Chicago

“Delved into Details of the SAT Test Most Students Would Overlook.”

It was fantastic!! It really helped to push my score up! If I didn’t attend the course, I would be doing practices everyday but not making any improvement. The class delved into details of the SAT test most students would overlook, and the test-taking strategies covered were extremely useful. The best part of the course was the comprehensive and extensive levels of content. The classes were conducted with great clarity and were very effective. Visuals (powerpoint slide) were very helpful. Going through questions carefully was useful too! The instructor conducted lessons very systematically and clearly. His lessons were easy to follow and there were absolutely no areas of uncertainty or ambiguity. He wasn’t long-winded and every sentence had a purpose.

– Bella C., Top 1% SAT Scorer
Raffles Institution
Attending New York University

“Practical Strategies”

The lessons were really very helpful. The strategies taught to tackle many of the problems were all very practical and helped a lot. I have learned to throw out my preconceived and mistaken notions about certain aspects of the design of the SAT exam. After the lessons, I was acutely more aware of my weaknesses, so that I could make a conscious effort to avoid them during exam day.

-Grace G., Top 1% SAT Scorer
Raffles Institution
Attending Carnegie Mellon University

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Ask any questions about our SAT preparation courses. Our SAT exam specialist will also recommend the best SAT preparation plan for you, based on your current ability level, schedule, and score targets.

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Measure your current SAT ability level with a full-length IvyPrep SAT diagnostic exam. Receive a free detailed, computerized score report, generated by the IvyPrep Performance Analytics software.

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