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"The ACT exam is known to test students on their evidence-based reasoning abilities. Look out for evidentiary support - the correct answer choices are always well-supported by corroborating pieces of information in the passages."

- Alvin Foo, Perfect SAT Scorer
IvyPrep Principal Instructor
Yale University '09

"The toughest questions on the ACT exam frequently combine two or more concepts together. On the exam day, it's important to stay mentally alert for each question and recognize the underlying concepts on which you're being tested."

- P.K. Sim, Top 1% ACT Scorer
IvyPrep Principal Instructor
Dartmouth College '11

Containing 13 live lessons and 13 ACT Strategy Guides, the IvyPrep ACT Masterclass deconstructs the entire ACT exam for you and provides you the technical know-how to help you achieve your best potential on the ACT exam. You will systematically cover every possible concept tested on the ACT Verbal, Science and Math sections, and learn important test strategies and problem-solving techniques to beat every question type.

Based on the same winning strategies as those used by IvyPrep's expert ACT instructors, the IvyPrep ACT Masterclass is Singapore’s only ACT course designed to challenge students who are aiming for the top 1% score (33 and above) on the ACT exam – a score which is needed to gain admission into top-tier U.S. universities, including Ivy League universities. Learn the actual techniques used by perfect ACT scorers, as well as sure-fire strategies to help you push past the 32+ score range for every section.

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For the Oct 28, 2017 ACT Exam
Batch L, Starts 2 Sep (Sat)
Batch M, Starts 2 Sep (Sat)
Batch X-4, Starts 30 Sep (Sat)

For the Dec 9, 2017 ACT Exam
Batch N, Starts 7 Oct (Sat)
Batch O, Starts 7 Oct (Sat)
Batch P, Starts 28 Oct (Sat)
Batch Q, Starts 4 Nov (Sat)
Batch R, Starts 18 Nov (Sat)

December Holiday Crash Course
Batch S, Starts 18 Dec (Mon)

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"Strategies taught to me were extremely helpful..."

"The IvyPrep ACT Masterclass was excellent! The best parts of the course were the Reading and English sections. The course structure was overall very well-planned, and the exam strategies taught to me were extremely helpful. On the exam, I managed to achieve a 33 aggregate score, with a 33 for English, 34 for Math, 29 for Reading and 35 for Science. Thank you so much for your help!"

-Jamie C., Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
ACT Score: 33/36 (Top 1% Globally)

"A score like this would have been very difficult without your assistance..."

"I received my ACT composite score last weekend. My ACT composite was a 35, broken down into a 36 for Mathematics, a 35 for English and a 34 for my Science and Reading sections. I'm pleased with my score, although slightly disappointed I couldn't get a perfect score! Thank you very much for all your help. A score like this would have been difficult for me without your assistance."

-Panun B., United World College SEA (East)
ACT Score: 35/36 (Top 1% Globally)

Students choose the IvyPrep ACT Masterclass because they want a competitive advantage over their classmates and other test takers worldwide. We created this ACT prep course to help students meet this challenge and apply confidently for the Ivy League and other top-tier universities. Our remarkable track record of success speaks for itself. Hundreds of IvyPrep students have capitalized on their exam scores to gain admission to world-class universities, including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, NYU, UPenn, Cornell, Brown and Yale-NUS College.

With IvyPrep, you can expect only the very best in ACT preparation. Each member of our team has achieved a score in the top 1% for the ACT sections that he/she is teaching. We demand this level of perfection because we do not simply teach superficial tricks that only work only for the most basic, straightforward problems. Instead, we introduce you to original, sure-fire strategies leading to the highest scores on the real ACT.

The Complete IvyPrep ACT Masterclass consists of 3 Reading classes, 3 English classes, 1 Essay class, 2 Science classes, and 4 Math classes. You can choose to attend any of these classes in any ACT Masterclass batch, repeat any number of classes, or return for any number of make-up classes within a 24-month period -- all without additional charges. With this level of flexibility, you will never have to worry about missing a single class.

The IvyPrep ACT Masterclass provides extensive practice question sets that covers all aspects of the ACT. All 2,000 practice questions you will encounter in this course have gone through rigorous internal testing to replicate an actual ACT experience. To help you accurately determine your exact strong and weak spots – IvyPrep instructors use our in-house Performance Analytics™ software – so you can get a clear picture of your current ability and pinpoint highly-specific areas for further improvement.

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