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Testimonials by some of our best performing SAT students to date:

Complete SAT Student Testimonials

"Very good tips."

“I learnt much more than when I revised on my own. I enjoyed the hands-on exercises and learnt very good tips. The concepts were presented clearly, and there were adequate breaks provided throughout the lessons!"

-Chiang Y. L., Hwa Chong Institution, University of Chicago
2390 SAT Score (Top 0.1% Globally), August 2015

"I learnt very much more than when I did my own revision."

"I learnt very much more than when I did my own revision, and once I started looking out for specific evidence and eliminating irrelevant answer choices, I began to score higher."

-Wong L., Raffles Institution, Yale University
2390 SAT Score (Top 0.1% Globally), May 2013

"Learnt to throw out preconceived notions."

"The lessons were really very helpful. The strategies taught to tackle many of the problems were all very practical and helped a lot. I learnt to throw out my preconceived notions when answering reading questions. I made that mistake very often and thus had to work to correct it. I was made more aware of my weaknesses, so that I could make a conscious effort to avoid them. Some of the best strategies were also on how to identify and correct parallelism errors in the grammar sections."

-Grace G., Raffles Institution, Carnegie Mellon University
2360 SAT Score (Top 0.1% Globally), January 2013

"Our secret weapon!"

"You really turned a spotlight on the SAT and how it works. Thanks for being our secret weapon!"

-Daryus M., United World College (Dover), University of California - Berkeley
2340 SAT Score (Top 0.2% Globally), May 2014

"Put me in excellent stead."

"Your lessons put me in excellent stead to take the SAT. I even found the experience remarkably enjoyable—haha."

- Kit Lea C., Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Yale University
2330 SAT Score (Top 0.3% Globally), May 2014

"I am now more aware of what I should do."

"I am now more aware of what I should do from now till October to improve my score. In particular, the essay and grammar classes were really good."

-Gerald S., Raffles Institution, University of Pennsylvania - Wharton
2320 SAT Score (Top 0.4% Globally), June 2013

"I've never dreamt of such a score."

I just got my SAT score today and the first thing I thought was that I really have to thank you! My WR score jumped from 710 to an 800! Seriously I’ve never dreamt of such a score so I have you to thank 🙂 It’s a 150 jump from the last time. I’m so happy."

-Michelle N., National Junior College, Harvard University
2330 SAT Score (Top 0.4% Globally), October 2008

"Completely beatable through the right kind of practice."

"The instructor was able to identify very specific weaknesses and help me focus on improving the most vital aspects of the test leading up to the exam day. My biggest takeaway was learning how the math and writing portions of the SAT were completely beatable through the right kind of practice – after incorporating the instructor’s tips and tricks, I ended up scoring 800s on both sections in my subsequent test attempt. In addition, the instructor was a great resource to turn to with questions regarding US university applications in general, especially since he was US-educated himself."

-Daniel W., Raffles Institution, University of California - Berkeley
2300 SAT Score (Top 0.5% Globally), April 2009

"Gave me a boost on the exam."

"I gained new knowledge about the SAT that I could not encounter if I had just self-studied. The tips and tricks certainly gave me a boost on the exam day itself. The classes were packed with information that only experienced test-takers could share. The pedagogy was thorough and accessible, and the instructor was very insightful and entertaining at the same time. The three hours in each class was time well spent."

-M. Garda, Raffles Institution
2300 SAT Score (Top 0.5% Globally), August 2015

"Instructor is well-versed."

"The class was very helpful in my understanding of different SAT concepts and achieving better grades. The instructor is well-versed in this field, and is helpful and open to students."

-Si Yuan, Hwa Chong Institution
2280 SAT Score (Top 0.5% Globally), August 2015

"Clear and concise."

"The strategies and techniques I learnt were very clear and concise for all three sections of the SAT - Reading, Writing and Essay. The help provided towards application essay and application was extremely valuable too."

-Jon L., Anglo-Chinese Junior College, National University of Singapore & Carnegie Mellon University
2280 SAT Score (Top 0.5% Globally), August 2008

"I really benefited a lot."

"I would just like to convey my thanks for helping me with my SATs. I really benefited a lot from the classes."

-Izumi T., Hwa Chong Institution, New York University - Stern
2260 SAT Score (Top 0.7% Globally), June 2013

"Maximise my marks and time on the SAT."

"The course was concise and comprehensive, telling us what to focus on so we do not have to waste time. I could then maximize my marks and time on the SAT. The instructor is knowledgeable, particularly about the essay component."

-L. Ng, Raffles Institution
2250 SAT Score (Top 1.1% Globally), December 2012

"Very informative."

"The SAT masterclass was very informative. The best part was learning the grammar rules in a structured manner."

-Prannoiy C., Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
2230 SAT Score (Top 1.2% Globally), October 2015

"Understand what the College Board looks for."

"The class was informative and based on technical approaches to questions. I was better able to understand what the college board looks for. The instructor also keeps the pace of the lessons well."

-Brendan, Victoria Junior College
2220 SAT Score (Top 1.3% Globally), August 2012

“Identifies your weak areas and boosts your confidence.”

"The Masterclass identifies your weak areas and boosts your confidence to take the SATs. It provides interactive lessons where Mr Sim poses questions to his students frequently. He is helpful, approachable and speaks clearly and loudly."

-Yeoh S. H., Hwa Chong Institution, NYU Stern
2280 SAT Score (Top 0.5% Globally), June 2012

"Useful, practical and exam-oriented."

"The Masterclass was useful, practical and exam-oriented and the instructor provided standardized strategies."

-Peter Y., Raffles Institution
2360 SAT Score (Top 0.1% Globally), October 2014

"Info-packed 3 hours, supplemented with real SAT examples."

"The Masterclass was an info-packed 3 hours, supplemented with real SAT examples. The classification of errors and rules made studying and taking the test more systematic and thus easier. The instructor relates concepts to examples well. Very well referenced."

-Dion L., Shanghai American School
2340 SAT Score (Top 0.2% Globally), October 2015

“Tackles the SAT from a student’s perspective.”

"Very specific and targeted approach to the SAT in which we look beyond the question to develop generic techniques which prepare us for any question that we may encounter. Very broad and extensive. It tackles the SAT from a student’s perspective. The instructor is very thorough and understands the SAT very well. Gives multiple sources of revision and has a flexible approach to learning."

-Hein H., UWC SEA, University of Columbia
2200 SAT Score (Top 1.5% Globally), April 2015

"Thinking like the grader."

“It was an enriching experience “thinking like the grader” and learning the various techniques. The best part, in my opinion, was seeing my own scores improve after applying everything that I learnt. The instructor was able to highlight the critical techniques required to score well."

-Sudeep A., Raffles Institution.
2320 SAT Score (Top 0.4% Globally), October 2015

“Essay tips and insights that cannot be easily found in books.”

"Systematic, “Asian”-style approach to beating the SAT. The best parts were the essay tips and insights that cannot be easily found in books. The instructor was systematic, dedicated, genuine and understood the SAT well."

-Goh Z. M., Raffles Institution, University of Pennsylvania
2390 SAT Score (Top 0.1% Globally), April 2014

"Really helped to push my score up!”

"It was fantastic!! It really helped to push my score up! If I didn’t attend the Masterclass, I would be doing practices everyday but not making any improvement. The class delved into details of the SATs test most students would overlook, and the test-taking strategies covered were extremely useful. The best part of the Masterclass was the comprehensive and extensive levels of content. The classes were conducted with great clarity and were very effective. Visuals (powerpoint slide) were very helpful. Going through questions carefully was useful too! The instructor conducted lessons very systematically and clearly. His lessons were easy to follow and there were absolutely no areas of uncertainty or ambiguity. He wasn’t long-winded and every sentence had a purpose."

-Bella C., Raffles Institution
2340 SAT Score (Top 0.2% Globally), June 2015

“I would definitely recommend this.”

"Coming from someone who hasn’t taken academic subjects in a really long time, the whole IvyPrep SAT Masterclass experience has been tremendously helpful in helping me prepare for the exam. The tips and tricks used are easy to understand, and the concepts are easy to grasp as well. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who needs a little
push in preparing for the exam. The instructor has done a great job from the first day in demonstrating and explaining the concepts. The tips that you enlightened us with were highly useful in my preparation for the exam. Thank you for your time and guidance throughout these few weeks. Your coaching has been tremendously helpful in helping me improve my test scores, and helped me understand the questions and concepts which honestly looked incredibly intimidating. I believe your guidance and help will benefit many others as well."

-Teresa, Nanyang Polytechnic, Swathmore College,

2060 SAT Score, May 2013

“Analytical, systematic, experienced and patient”

"It was very beneficial in that it taught me the proper techniques as well as the problems I should look out for in a SAT paper, which I probably wouldn’t have realised on my own. Going through practice questions and receiving a detailed explanation on why the wrong options are wrong and the right options are correct. The instructors were analytical, systematic, experienced and patient."

- Zhao S. C., Raffles Institution, June 2015

“Really fine-tuned my thought process with regards to the SATs.”

"The Masterclass was very brief and succinct. It gets the message across and really fine-tuned my thought process with regards to the SATs. We were given examples of questions and told what to expect on the SATs and how to tackle them. The instructors were good at illustrating how to think when it comes to answering questions and broke it down to basic thoughts."

-Abilash S., Raffles Institution, May 2015

“Good, interesting and loaded with examples.”

"It was very helpful. I thought I already knew everything before coming here but I really didn’t and I have learned a lot. Grammar was really difficult but I had learned so much, and now I think that I am prepared for the actual exam. Teaching was good, interesting and loaded with examples."

- Shagun M., UWC SEA, October 2014

“Learnt a lot about the SAT course and common tricks used.”

"Overall, it was very insightful, I learnt a lot about the SAT course and common tricks used during the SAT. The best parts were the amount of practice I was given throughout the course, as well as the many notes given to me about how the SAT asks questions and what I should do before the exam. I think the instructor knows a lot about the SAT and the course taught."

-Vanessa T., UWC SEA East, October 2014

“Were able to effectively and concisely explain the techniques involved.”

"I enjoyed my experience here. The pace was good (even though I signed up for the crashcourse in December). The tips and techniques shared for the critical writing section and the essay component were the best parts. The instructors were light-hearted and fun, and were able to effectively and concisely explain the techniques involved in taking the SAT."

-Anuja B., Raffles Institution, June 2014

"Highly informative.”

"Highly informative. Helped me to look out for how SAT sets questions, which makes it easier to solve them. Timing breaks help to keep us focused. Every part was vital for me. Especially the timed practice which helped to check my time management. The instructor did a good job in clarifying questions."

-Vinodhanan, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, October 2014

“Completely changed the way I write argumentative essays.”

"The course guided me into the “SAT mindset” and the techniques taught were very specific to each SAT question so that I know exactly how to answer the different questions in each section. The highlight of the course to me was the lessons on the Writing section of the test because it completely changed the way I write argumentative essays. The format taught was detailed and useful in dealing with the pressure of time constraint in section one. The instructor is very willing to help us in the areas that we are struggling in and adapts the lessons according to our responses."

-Gantumur K., Bedok North Secondary (Singapore)/American International School (Mongolia), October 2015

Opened a sixth sense or third eye.”

"Quite fun, very useful for the SAT. Felt like it opened a sixth sense/third eye and my gut-feeling has become more accurate, and sometimes I see mistakes more swiftly (in the answer choices). I made friends and the teacher is also very approachable."

-Christina C., Raffles Institution (JC), April 2015

“I finally triumphed over grammar.”

Very insightful. Really breaks down the SAT and teaches each component individual – makes everything seem less intimidating and conquerable. I finally triumphed over grammar. Thank you."

-Theodore N., Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), October 2015

“I was very happy with every class.”

"I was very happy with every class and I especially love how helpful the textbooks are! The quizzes were very helpful as well as the tips and tricks for success! The instructor was very funny which made class less boring and he went over reasons behind the correct and incorrect answers very thoroughly."

-Hannah H., Singapore American School, October 2014

“Learned many new techniques and gained a lot of insight.”

"I found it extremely useful (being someone who had no prior experience with the SATs). I learned many new techniques and gained a lot of insight into the SAT. The best part was realising that something that appears challenging can actually be broken down and made simple. The instructor showed enthusiasm for the content and the concepts taught were clear."

-Howard W., Sevenoaks School (UK), December 2015

“Provided many salient pointers whilst simultaneously inculcating analytical skills.”

"The experience was particularly beneficial in the sense that it provided many salient pointers whilst simultaneously inculcating analytical skills. The best part of the Masterclass was the comprehensive scope and variety of questions. The instructor is receptive and is always willing to help out in his utmost capacity."

-Wong H. J., Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), December 2015

“Learnt a lot of tips that I have not seen anywhere in guidebooks.”

"I really learnt a lot of tips that I have not seen anywhere in guidebooks and the recommended textbooks are very helpful. I was extremely confused when I went to the bookstore cos there were so many books on the SAT vocab. I also liked the regular emails that remind us of what we should be doing. The instructor was very effective."

-Chantal T, National Junior College, September 2015

“Gives really helpful tips and tricks.”

"It’s really helpful and I feel that the teacher really wants to help us achieve the best score we can get. I would definitely recommend a friend to sign up for the course as it gives really helpful tips and tricks in answering questions as well as improving. The instructor is really helpful and humble. Unlike in some centres that have hundreds of students that sign up for a course and have instructors who are proud and do not seem like they want to help the students, the instructor at IvyPrep is completely different."

-Tricia T., West Island School (Hong Kong), November 2015

“Challenging but practical.”

"The SAT Masterclass is challenging but practical. The teachers are kind and I enjoyed my classes here very much. The teacher’s tips are very practical and helpful. The class is flexible in the sense that the teacher is kind enough to give free make-up classes throughout the week if you skip/cannot make it. I think IvyPrep was worth the money. The instructor’s strengths would be the step by step patterns/tricks and reasonable workload given."

-Jessica C., International Community School, September 2015

“Equips the essential skills for SATs.”

"It is a targeted class that equips the essential skills for SATs. The grammar component is very comprehensive, with all grammar rules encompassed and taught how to be applied. It is really, really great and I would recommend a friend to go! The instructor is clear, concise, knows what is going on and knows the appropriate time for breaks."

-Colin O., Raffles Institution, November 2015

“I have definitely increased my score.”

"IvyPrep really taught me so much and has definitely increased my score from a really terrible one to a much better one. I am very happy with my improvement! In both Critical Reading and Writing, I have definitely increased my score. THANK YOU! The instructor was confident, encouraging, funny, caring, sweet and always there if you need help."

-Naomi S., UWCSEA Dover, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), August 2014

“Very helpful and will make a difference.”

"I thought it was helpful and will make a difference in taking the SAT. I think the best part was learning how to identify errors in a passage. The instructor gave good examples and was friendly."

-Sandra M., Singapore American School, June 2015

“The experience was fully beneficial.”

"It was an enriching course that allowed me to be more aware of myself as I do my tests and understand better. I think it’s really helpful for me and would be good for my peers to gain this exposure to the tips that would benefit them. The experience was fully beneficial. Not only was the course very informative, the teacher was very cheerful and ready to help me with my questions. The best part was becoming more aware of my mistakes and interacting with like-minded friends. He is very charismatic and thoroughly helpful. His mastery of the English has benefitted my learning."

-T. Rachel, Raffles Girls School (Sec), August 2015

“I have learnt multiple techniques to help me effectively answer questions.”

"It was very intensive and informative. I feel like I have learnt multiple techniques to help me effectively answer questions. The best part was learning how to answer questions that seem almost impossible at first. There were a lot of practice questions, the teachers were good at explaining and they spoke slowly and clearly which is good."

-Maximus O., UWC Dover, NOvember 2015

“Quite interesting and very helpful.”

The sessions are specific in tackling the SAT exam. They are quite interesting and very helpful. The materials provided are very helpful as well. Generally, I have improved. The instructor knows SAT very well, gives various examples that are easy to understand and digest to enhance our understanding on some concepts. Thank you."

-Li Y. J., Raffles Institution (JC), October 2015

“Good to study and prepare for the SAT especially for people who have not taken the SAT before.”

"The lessons were straight to the point, informative, targeted the correct areas and the methods to answer questions are useful. It’s good to study and prepare for the SAT especially for people who have not taken the SAT before. The instructor was straight to the point, knowledgeable, dedicated (follows up classes with emails and extra materials), helpful and gives very constructive comments."

-Vanessa C., Cambridge Tutors College, June 2015

“Definitely a very useful prep course that would help improve your SAT scores significantly.”

"A very beneficial SAT preparation class that does not only teach you how to tackle the SAT head on but more importantly, the philosophy behind the SAT. The tricks and trade of it! Definitely a very useful prep course that would help improve your SAT scores significantly. The instructor was very engaging and helpful. Sustained my interest throughout the course."

-Harith B., Sevenoaks School, June 2013

"Something I would recommend to someone who I really want to do well.”

"My best friend did not do too well in school. I feel bad that he didn’t do well and because I care for him and want the best for him, I advised him to attend this very course. Be it to improve one’s chances of getting into an institute of higher learning, or just to improve one’s entire profile, this is something I would recommend to someone who I really want to do well. The best part of the Masterclass was definitely the teacher, no doubts about it. Mr Sim is the type of teacher that you would really enjoy and learn a lot from if you like very personal teachers, like I do. He quips about fun stuff like Star Wars, and it was a very interesting experience. Not to mention I feel a lot better about the SAT than I did in math before! Mr Sim is very approachable and helpful. He even gave me tips and advice on non-SAT related items that would benefit my application (if needed)."

-Ivan L., Anglo-Chinese Junior College, April 2015

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