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At IvyPrep, our course coverage is systematic, comprehensive and concise. With a syllabus designed by Ivy League graduates and informed by experienced MOE teachers, the IvyPrep GP Masterclass deconstructs the entire General Paper exam for you – to help you secure your ‘A’ grade. You will enter and leave the exam hall with perfect confidence.

IvyPrep’s all-access General Paper Masterclass option is geared for students who require a comprehensive, structured crash course on the GCE A-Level General Paper Exam. Our unique syllabus will equip you with the analytical skills needed to dissect every type of essay question in Paper 1. Using the IvyPrep framework for reading comprehension skills, you will also learn the skill-sets and the technical know-how to master every single question type on Paper 2, by tracking and understanding how arguments are structured in the reading passages.

For the Nov 6, 2017 A-Level General Paper Exam
Batch G-1, Starts 9 Sep (Sat)
Batch G-2, Starts 7 Oct (Sat)

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The IvyPrep GP strategy guides contain a collection of high-quality practice questions that are modelled very closely after actual GP exam questions that you will likely encounter in your A-Level GP exam. Our team of experts has meticulously compiled and analyzed over 15 years’ worth of actual A-Level GP exam questions and Junior College Prelim exam questions to help you secure a strong familiarity with and mastery of every possible question type in Paper 1 and Paper 2.

The IvyPrep GP Masterclass systematically covers every possible concept tested on the GP exam. You will learn important test strategies and problem-solving techniques to beat every question type. If a question type has previously appeared in a past GP exam paper, we will teach it.

The Complete IvyPrep General Paper Masterclass consists of 2 Essay classes, 2 Reading classes, 1 Summary class, 1 ApplicatioN Question classes. and 1 Writing class. You can choose to attend any of these classes in any General Paper Masterclass batch, repeat any number of classes, or return for any number of make-up classes within a one-year period -- all without additional charges. With this level of flexibility, you will never have to worry about missing a single class.

Designed by Alvin Foo (Yale University) and Sim P.K. (Dartmouth College), two Singaporean Ivy League graduates with distinctions on the A-Level General Paper examination, the IvyPrep GP Masterclass provides the technical know-how to help students achieve their best potential on the exam. At IvyPrep, you will learn the actual techniques used by top GP scorers, as well as sure-fire strategies to help you face the GP examination hall with confidence.