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IvyPrep’s GMAT Prep

Open the door to your future with stellar GMAT preparation.

IvyPrep’s GMAT courses are specially designed to push you for a 99th percentile score. Under a structured prep program, you will work with engaging instructors, practice with genuine GMAT test papers, and master important strategies to tackle even the hardest GMAT questions.

Two Prep Options


One Top-notch Learning Experience

GMAT Masterclass

Group Learning. 10 Intensive Lessons.

With 10 intensive exam prep lessons, the IvyPrep GMAT Masterclass is the most suitable for GMAT test takers who want to gain an extensive learning experience across all sections of the GMAT.

GMAT Private Tutoring

1-to-1 Personalized Prep

To allow you to master all key components of the GMAT exam curriculum, your GMAT private tutor will use IvyPrep’s carefully crafted curriculum for GMAT prep to ensure the lessons are customized to your needs.

Why IvyPrep?


GMAT Instructors with

top 1% scores.

IvyPrep is the only GMAT prep centre in Singapore that requires all its instructors have a top 1% score for the GMAT section(s) they are teaching. Each instructor also has proven teaching experience and is wholly dedicated to helping you achieve your best score on the GMAT.


Strategy-based GMAT


We spent over 300 hours evaluating and researching the GMAT to develop our unique curriculum. You will learn the right strategies for each GMAT section and question type, allowing you to tackle the most challenging questions with speed and accuracy.


GMAT Performance Analytics

at your fingertips.

Our GMAT Performance Analytics™ software will accurately determine your strong and weak spots. By pinpointing specific areas for improvement, you can develop a GMAT prep strategy that is both efficient and effective.

Free Appointments

Speak to an IvyPrep GMAT Specialist Consultant.

Consultation (1 Hour)

GMAT Exam Preparation and Planning

Schedule a free appointment with us, and speak to our consultant to decide which preparation program will suit your needs.

GMAT Diagnostic Exam (3.5 hours)

Gauge Your Current GMAT Ability Level

Sign up for a free GMAT diagnostic test with us and receive a comprehensive score report.


GMAT Format

GMAT Exam Format

There are four main GMAT sections, one of which is a Analytical Writing section (essay). All sections are taken in one sitting.

GMAT Exam Format

The GMAT is only accepted by MBA programs. The GRE is accepted by both MBA programs and graduate programs for other disciplines. However, be sure to check that your MBA program accepts the GRE as test requirements can vary.


If you are applying for an MBA and are trying to decide between the GRE and GMAT, here are some differences between the two tests.


You should pick the exam you can do better on. Generally, those who are good at Math and grammar will do better on the GMAT. Those who are weaker at Math but are confident in their grasp of vocabulary will do better on the GRE.


Still not sure?


The best way to know which exam you should sit for is to take a GRE Diagnostic Test and a GMAT Diagnostic Test.


You can book your Free GRE and GMAT Diagnostic Tests here.


After the tests, our consultant will help to compare your scores and recommend which exam you should sit for.

GMAT Registration

Who should take the GMAT?

You should take the GMAT if you plan to apply to:


c) A MBA program in Singapore or in the US

d) Certain graduate programs* for other disciplines of study.


* Be sure to check the admissions requirements of the graduate program you are interested in as not all graduate programs accept the GMAT.

How can I register for the GMAT?

You can register for the GMAT here:


You will need to create an account before you can register for a test.

When should I register for the GMAT?

As the GMAT test is on a self-scheduled basis, there is no registration deadline. You can register online 24 hours in advance as long as there are seats available.


You can sit for the GMAT a maximum of 5 times within a 12-month period. Each session should be at least 21 days apart.


Self-register for the GMAT here.

GMAT Test Dates & Locations

GMAT Test Dates


There are no fixed test dates for the GMAT test as it is held on a self-scheduled basis.


GMAT Test Locations in Singapore


Pearson Professional Centers-Singapore

51 Cuppage Road
Singapore 229469


NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd

NTUC Trade Union House
73 Bras Basah Road
Level 3, Room 3J
Singapore 189556


Do note that test locations depend on seat availability.


When should I start preparing for the GMAT?

Generally, you should put in a minimum of 60 – 80 hours of preparation before your GMAT. The 80 hours could consist of time spent in class, doing revision, taking practice tests, and completing take-home assignments.


As most candidates hold a full-time job, it may take a candidate 2 – 3 months before he/she is ready to sit for the GMAT, assuming he/she spends about 6 – 8 hours a week on GMAT prep.

Why is my GMAT score not improving even after practice?

This is usually because you must understand the logic of the GMAT before you can score on the exam.


To conquer the GMAT, you need the right strategy – a specific way of approaching the questions given. And this is what we provide: an original, strategy-driven curriculum written by 99th percentile scorers themselves. We teach you to think in the right way and to use the right methods.

How many times should I re-take GMAT?

You should sit for the GMAT as many times as you realistically can to secure the highest possible score.


This is because you will be selecting your highest GMAT score to send in your MBA application, and business schools will not have access to your past scores.

GMAT Registration

GMAT Masterclass or Private Tutoring?

Content Coverage


The GMAT Masterclass is a comprehensive, group course that covers all sections on the GMAT, including the Essay. Lessons are conducted at a standard pace.


GMAT Private Tutoring is a customizable, 1-on-1 course. This means that you can choose to focus on a specific area (eg. just Mathematics) or on all GMAT sections, depending on your personal strengths and weaknesses. The lesson pace will be tailored to each individual.


Schedule & Frequency


The GMAT Masterclass has a fixed schedule. Classes are mainly on Saturdays and weekday evenings. It takes about 10 weeks to complete the entire GMAT Masterclass.


GMAT Private Tutoring is held from Mondays to Saturdays. Our consultant will work with you to plan a tutoring schedule that suits your availability. The course duration can stretch anywhere from a few days to a few months.


Still not sure?


We’d be happy to help. Contact us with your queries and we will respond as soon as possible.

When can I start attending the GMAT Masterclass?

Once you have registered and completed your payment, you can start attending any class in our GMAT Masterclass Schedule.


While we recommend following the batches in our schedule, you can also attend make-up lessons in other batches if you are unable to attend any lesson within your chosen batch.

I missed a Masterclass lesson. Can I do a makeup lesson?

Absolutely. Simply refer to our GMAT Masterclass Schedule to look for another date when the class is held, drop us a phone call or email to let us know, and you can come down for the lesson.

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