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A Personalized Curriculum for Targeted Improvements

The IvyPrep ACT instructors are experts in their field and are among the world’s top standardized test takers who know exactly what it really takes to succeed on the ACT, a timed multiple-choice exam that’s known for its variability and challenge. With the strategy-based and concept-focused curriculum built from the knowledge of our curriculum writers, two Singaporean Ivy League graduates with perfect ACT scores, we have the highest-quality ACT prep course to help students meet their ambitious test score targets.


Continuous Performance Tracking

The IvyPrep ACT instructors are goal-oriented trainers who will keep students motivated on achieving their ACT target scores. Drawing from their wealth of pedagogical experience and test-taking expertise, your ACT tutors will continuously track your performance using the data drawn from your practice question sets and ACT diagnostic exams. With this level of close supervision, it’s no surprise that 100% of our past students said they felt they had achieved their personal best ACT score after their Private Tutoring course.

Making Every Minute Count

Highly Efficient and Effective Way to Prep.

We use our limited tutoring time together wisely: every single minute of your ACT private tutoring session is meticulously designed to engineer the greatest possible improvement on your ACT score. Using IvyPrep’s nationally-renowned ACT prep curriculum and leading exam prep learning technology, your ACT tutor works closely with you to help you master all the key aspects of the ACT exam curriculum.



Tutoring Hours
S$900 Inclusive of All Materials.

Recommended for advanced ACT students.




Tutoring Hours
S$1,650 Inclusive of All Materials.

Recommended for students with prior ACT prep experience.



Tutoring Hours
S$2,850 Inclusive of All Materials.

The perfect balance between guided self-study and tutoring.




Tutoring Hours
S$3,950 Inclusive of All Materials.

For students who need a comprehensive review of the full ACT exam curriculum.

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Your Customized ACT Game Plan

For ACT Score Improvement

 During the tutoring sessions, your ACT tutor actively pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses, helping you build a customized game plan to help you reach your maximum score potential on your upcoming ACT exam day. Whether you’re just starting out on your ACT prep, or have given up on other prep methods and now seek dedicated attention from Singapore’s leading ACT exam prep specialists, your IvyPrep ACT tutors will work with you in full dedication until you reach your target ACT score.

Private Tutoring Features

Scheduling Flexibility & Dedicated Support

Targeted Training Across All Five ACT Sections


✔ ACT English

✔ ACT Reading

✔ ACT Mathematics

✔ ACT Science

✔ ACT Essay

What Students Receive

Study Materials Designed by IvyPrep ACT Experts

IvyPrep ACT Complete Prep Series

✔ ACT Private Tutoring Class Notes
✔ ACT Strategy Guides
✔ Homework Assignments


 Full-Length ACT Practice Exams
(with Detailed, Computerized Score Reports)

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Proven ACT Prep Pedagogy

ACT Private Tutoring Curriculum

Train on 12 Core Aspects of the ACT Exam

Our ACT Private Tutoring Curriculum is geared specially to address the areas of the exam that students find most challenging. Built around the study methods used by IvyPrep’s perfect-score ACT instructors, the IvyPrep ACT prep course is an ambitious, streamlined mode of ACT exam program designed for the busiest high school student leaders aiming to apply to Ivy League universities and other top-tier undergraduate institutions worldwide.

Syllabus & Curriculum

ACT English
Lesson Outlines

English #1
Fundamentals of ACT Grammar


✓ Nouns & Pronouns
✓ Verb Tenses
✓ Subject–Verb Agreement
✓ Adjectives & Adverbs
✓ Parallelism

English #2
Fundamentals of ACT Language & Expression


✓ Comparison
✓ Modifiers
✓ Sentence Fragment & Comma Splice
✓ Punctuation
✓ Diction & Language Use

English #3
Advanced Topics on ACT English


✓ Support and Development Questions
✓ Identifying Relevance & Purpose
✓ Transitions
✓ Paragraph Organization

ACT Reading
Lesson Outlines

Reading #1
Introduction to ACT Reading and Verbal Reasoning


✓ General Strategy
✓ Breakdown of All Question Types
✓ Passage Analysis Techniques
✓ Comparing Viewpoints

Reading #2
ACT Reading Techniques & Passage Types


✓ Types of ACT Reading Passages
✓ Types of Incorrect Answer Choices
✓ Predicting Correct Answers
✓ Advanced ACT Reading Techniques

Reading #3
Advanced ACT Passage Analysis


✓ Strategy for ACT Paired Passages
✓ Speed Reading Techniques
✓ Intensive ACT Reading Timed Practice

ACT Math
Lesson Outlines

Math #1
Arithmetic & Algebra


✓ Expressions & Polynomials
✓ Quadratic Equations
✓ Exponents & Roots
✓ Absolute Value & Inequalities
✓ Rates & Word Problems

Math #2
Functions, Graphs & Geometry


✓ Principles of Functions
✓ Lines, Parabolas & Transformation
✓ Coordinate Geometry
✓ Circle Equations & Properties

Math #3
Geometry, Measurement & Statistics


✓ Triangles, Polygons, Circles, Squares
✓ Solids & 3-D Visualization
✓ Mean, Median and Mode
✓ Probability
✓ Statistical Analysis & Standard Deviation

Math #4
Trigonometry & Advanced Tips


✓ Trigonometry on the ACT
✓ Imaginary & Complex Numbers
✓ Probability
✓ Matrices
✓ Logarithms

ACT Science
Lesson Outlines
(2 Core Aspects)

Science #1
Introduction to ACT Science


✓ Fundamental ACT Science
✓ Scientific Assumptions and
✓ Data Representation Questions
✓ Research Summary Questions
✓ Experimental Design Questions

Essay #2
Advanced ACT Science Strategies


✓ Conflicting Viewpoints Questions &
✓ Advanced ACT Science Tips &

ACT Essay
Lesson Outlines
(2 Core Aspects)

Essay #1
Introduction to SAT Essay


✓ Fundamentals of the SAT Essay
✓ Introduction, Support & Conclusion Paragraphs
✓ Essay Text Analysis
✓ Identifying Persuasive Devices

Essay #2
Advanced SAT Essay Strategies


✓ Essay Passage Analysis
✓ Sample & Model Essay Analysis
✓ SAT Essay Practice & Discussion

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Five-Star Student Reviews

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Hear What Students Say

“A previously unimaginable score!”


“I’ve just received my Dec ACT score and it was a 35. It was quite an unexpected score for me and I’d like to thank you for your wonderful (& enlightening) lessons which effectively relayed concepts and clarified my doubts. Thank you for aiding me in achieving such a previously unimaginable score! “

-Yvonne O., Top 1% ACT Scorer
Hwa Chong Institution

“It was amazing.”

“As a senior who started late in preparation for the ACT, coming to IvyPrep truly made me confident in the test. It was amazing. The IvyPrep instructors explained every doubt and question clearly so that students were not left with any concerns.”

– Miran M.
United World College, Southeast Asia (East)

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