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The ACT exam is known to test students on their evidence-based reasoning abilities. Look out for evidentiary support – the correct answer choices are always well-supported by corroborating pieces of information in the passages.


– Alvin Foo, Perfect ACT Scorer
IvyPrep Principal Instructor
Yale University ’09

The toughest questions on the ACT exam frequently combine two or more concepts together. On the exam day, it’s important to stay mentally alert for each question and recognize the underlying concepts on which you’re being tested.


P.K. Sim, ACT Top 1% Scorer
IvyPrep Principal Instructor
Dartmouth College ’11

The Top ACT Prep Specialist
Comprehensive Curriculum Designed for ACT Exam Success.

With an original curriculum written by two Ivy League graduates with top 1% ACT scores, the IvyPrep ACT Masterclass fully deconstructs the ACT by question type and difficulty level, challenging students who are aiming for a 33 and above on the ACT exam – a score which is needed to gain admission into top-tier U.S. universities.

ACT Masterclass


Masterclass Lessons
S$1,650 Inclusive of all materials.

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360° Exam Coverage

✔ ACT Reading
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IvyPrep ACT Complete Prep Series

✔ ACT Masterclass Notes
✔ ACT Strategy Guides
✔ Homework Assignments


 Full-Length ACT Practice Exams
(with Detailed, Computerized Score Reports)

2018 Course Schedule

Next ACT Masterclass Batch

Batch E

Starts May 26th, 2018

2018/05/26 10:00:00

ACT Masterclass Details

Upcoming Course Batches

ACT Exam

June 9th, 2018


Batch D: May 5 – June 2

ACT Exam

September 8th, 2018 


Batch E: May 26 – July 21

Batch F: June 16 – July 21

Batch G: July 7 – Aug 4

Batch H: July 28 – Sept 1

ACT Exam

October 27th, 2018 


Batch I: Aug 18 – Oct 6

Batch J: Sept 8 – Oct 6

ACT Exam

December 8th, 2018 


Batch K: Sept 29 – Nov 3

Batch L: Oct 20 – Nov 24

Batch L-1: Nov 17 – Nov 29

ACT Masterclass Syllabus
Course Structure and Lesson Outlines

The ACT Masterclass Series is Singapore’s most-trusted ACT exam prep course. Designed by Singaporean Ivy League graduates with 99th percentile ACT scores, the ACT Masterclass equips students with the necessary strategies and technical knowledge to tackle every question type presented in the ACT, guaranteeing their success through a focus on content and techniques.


(5 Modules)


Reading #1

ACT Verbal Reasoning


Reading #2

Advanced Reading Techniques

Advanced Passage Types


English #1

 ACT Grammar Fundamentals


English #2

ACT Language & Expression



ACT Essay & Writing Strategy


(4 Modules)


Math #1

Arithmetic & Algebra


Math #2

Functions & Graphs



Math #3: 


Measurement & Statistics

Advanced Strategies



Introduction to ACT Science & Advanced Strategies

ACT Practice Exams

(3 Full-Length Papers)


ACT Diagnostic Exam

With Computerized Score Report


ACT Midterm Exam

With Computerized Score Report


ACT Final Exam

With Computerized Score Report

What Students Receive
Study Materials Designed by IvyPrep ACT Experts

With carefully-crafted original class notes, teaching slides and practice questions, IvyPrep instructors will share their expert insights, strategies and best practices to help you push past the 33+ score range for every section.

2-Year Unlimited Access

✔ All ACT Masterclass Batches
✔ Makeup ACT Classes
✔ Repeat ACT Classes



IvyPrep ACT Complete Prep Series
(For Group Masterclass)


✔ ACT Masterclass Class Notes
✔ ACT Strategy Guides
✔ Homework Assignments



Full-Length ACT Practice Exams
(with Detailed, Computerized Score Reports)

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